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Myth #4: Conspiracy theorists believe in UFOs / Aliens / Apollo Moon / Holocaust denial

This is a straw man and an ad hominem fallacy. Not all conspiracy theorists believe in the same things, nor does believing in aliens invalidate their arguments on other theories. The only thing linking these things is that they are all perceived to be conspiracy theories. Each should be evaluated on its own merits.

However, if a theorist bases their beliefs on poor argumentation, then other conspiracy theorists may want to distance themselves from him/her or question that theorist's ability to support their own ideas. Many such people are accused of being deliberately planted to discredit other theories, a technique called the 'poisoned well'. The media then proceeds to discredit an entire investigative movement based on a few silly theories - a strawman attack.

When the media lumps anybody who doesn't trust the government version of 9-11 into the category of flat earthers and holocaust deniers, any real conspiracy there might have been is given the ultimate defense. Namely, a pre-emptive, universal ad hominem on anyone who would dare talk about it publicly, the archetypal 'tin foil hatter'.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020


Editor's Note: Just like when made a presentation of experts like, there are those who disagree. So, free thinking, free speech endowed, brave Americans... YOU decide who convinces you best and decide how to live your life accordingly.  



Funny thing those overall death numbers in the US and numbers of flu and pneumonia cases...

Friday, December 4, 2020

The CIA Didn't Literally Invent the Term 'Conspiracy Theorist' But THEY ARE Responsible for the Connotation


Did the CIA Invent the Term ‘Conspiracy Theory’?

The original document in question, plus the subsequent media attacks in the years following make it clear that their mockingbird "propaganda assets" created the derogatory connotation. If this isn't true, then nobody should mind the term recently being taken back to its original literal dictionary definition meaning, promoting the often used hashtag: #ProudConspiracyTheorist

How CIA Invented the Term “Conspiracy Theory” to Discredit You

The term conspiracy theory brings to mind all kinds of connotations that range from outlandish to crazy. These associations with the phrase were intentional and exactly what the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) intended.

According to Zero Hedge, the term Conspiracy Theory was created by the CIA in 1967 as a way to discredit anyone who dared to challenge their official version of the truth (1).

How It All Started

It seems that the Conspiracy Theory CIA brainchild was first revealed in a 1976 dispatch.

This communication was marked “Psych” and “CS”. The psych abbreviation referred to psychological operations or what is better known in the modern world as disinformation. The CS was the abbreviation used for their Clandestine Services unit.

Why was a dispatch sent out? According to Zero Hedge, it was generated in “response to a Freedom of Information Act request by the New York Times in 1976.”

The dispatch first discussed how concerning this trend of requests was to the organization as well as the US government. The missive went on to explain the purpose of the dispatch, which was to “provide material countering and discrediting the claims of the conspiracy theorists, so as to inhibit the circulation of such claims in other countries.”

This was followed by an explanation that the background information could be found in the classified section as well as unclassified documents attached to the dispatch.

If there wasn’t any discussion already taking place, then the question of it being a conspiracy wasn’t to be brought up. Only where a discussion was underway was the conspiracy question to be inserted and used to create doubt.

How to Insert Conspiracy Theories

The first directive was to discuss how this was a publicity problem with “friendly elite contacts (especially politicians and editors).”

This directive was aimed at gaining the support needed to change the narrative into one of conspiracy.

Instructions included:

  • Point out a thorough investigation [official investigation of the relevant event] was conducted “as humanly possible.”
  • Critics’ allegations are without “serious foundation”.
  • To continue “speculative discussion” only helps “the opposition”.
  • “Point out also that parts of the conspiracy talk appear to be deliberately generated by … propagandists.”
  • “Urge them to use their influence to discourage unfounded and irresponsible speculation.”

Critic Attack Strategy

The next step was to “employ propaganda assets“. The sole purpose of these “assets” was to refute anything the critics had to say. Some of the disturbing tactics included:

  • “Book reviews and feature articles are particularly appropriate for this purpose.”
  • Whenever applicable, the asset was to discredit by claiming the critic was “wedded to theories adopted before the evidence was in.”
  • Critics were to be attacked as having political interests for their viewpoints.
  • Another tactic was to claim the critic had a financial interest.
  • One way to discredit a critic was to claim they were “hasty and inaccurate in their research”.
  • And the icing on the discrediting cake was to claim that the critic was “infatuated with their own theories”.

Attacks on the Media

The dispatch also covered how to assault any writer or publication that disagreed with the official narrative.

  • “No significant new evidence has emerged which the Commission did not consider.”
  • “Critics usually overvalue particular items and ignore others.”
  • Critics value and emphasize “recollections of individual witnesses”. The dispatch explains how this can be used to elaborate that witness testimony is “less reliable and more divergent”.
  • Talking point that a conspiracy “on the large scale often suggested” is impossible to hide with so many people involved and too expensive to pay informants to remain silent.
  • Point out that the “intellectual pride” of some critics entices them to connect with a theory. This fuels them to “scoff at the Commission because it did not always answer every question with a flat decision one way or the other.”
  • Deflate charges of a Commission rush job on the report by stating it came out three months after the original deadline. Blame Commission speeding up report on “pressure of irresponsible speculation” as well as the same critics refusing to admit error and voicing new criticisms.
  • Vague accusations “can always be explained in some natural way.”

Making It Law

Perhaps the most troubling aspect of the conspiracy theory initiative is how ingrained it became into US law.

Zero Hedge examined this in depth, discovering that judges are “trained to look at conspiracy allegations as just another legal claim to be disproven or proven based on the specific evidence.”

  • “Federal and all 50 states” have codes that include statutes and punishments for anyone committing a conspiracy.
  • Law schools teach conspiracy law as a “fundamental legal concept”.

Accuse Conspiracy and Escape Detection

The creation of conspiracy theory has been so well-executed with the indoctrination of the average American.

Anything tagged conspiracy theory is automatically discredited. A conspiracy theorist is considered unhinged or at the very least, delusional and misguided.

When this stereotype is backed up with conspiracy theory law, it allows real conspiracies to remain hidden. This one phrase taints and discredits whistleblowers and anyone else seeking to expose the truth.

References & Image Credits:
(1) CIA Conspiracy Theory Phrase

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The Information Being Reported Regarding The CIA Being Involved In 2020 Voter Fraud Is Completely Plausible, Logical, And Likely! Decried As Conspiratorial, Yet Factual Corroborating Evidence Abounds That Is Absolutely NOT DEBUNKED! #ProudConspiracyTheorist

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Fake Book Fact Wreckers Get Bodied On Face Masks


Presenting your favored side of a widely, hotly, debated scientific issue and presenting it as the be all end all truth isn't based in critical thinking, logic, or anything of the sort. It is, however, the epitome of nightmarish, orwellian authoritarianism. The fact of the matter is, there is more evidence to the contrary, especially in the decades before this became a political issue, casting more doubt on any recent studies than anything in the past.

Documentary: Anti-Maskers VS Maskholes - Master Debaters and Masked Debaters Face Off On Facemasks #BitChute

I am a sceptic's sceptic. A debunker buster. Debunker of pseudoseptic duh-bunk-turds. You will not intimidate me or win in a debate via disinformation, when you are demonstrably incorrect. Your hubris and overreach will be your downfall. #DebateMeGetBodied

 DEBUNKED CLAIM: Republicans caught conspiring to commit mass election fraud in Pennsylvania - Trump Haters and Hyper-Partisan Dems Are The Ones Being Willfully Ignorant

Friday, October 23, 2020

Debunking Polls, Trolls, Media Foes, and Joe Biden In Droves - Final 2020 Presidential Debate: Fact Checking the Fact Checkers

 Hello, first off, please allow me to try and influence you with my interpretation of information that may or may not really support the future objective truth of the matter. With all the talk of election interference being criminal if inaccurate or foreign in nature. May I suggest that millionaire TV talking heads are truly alien to most and if they ever be proven to be so grossly inaccurate with supposedly reliable methods, as was the case in 2016 regarding the polls, that they be banned from peddling their arguably dishonest influence, as that would constitute at least criminally negligent election interference. At bare minimum, the accuracy or lack thereof of an media outfit should determine until the next election whether they have the privilege to be among the White House press corps. This is a kind assessment and suggestion not available in my mind for big tech's blatant unprecedented censorship seen in the past few years, never mind just the now famously audacious previous few weeks. The censorship finally, or perhaps better to say, sadly having escalated to such a degree that it jumped the shark in a such a way as to be deemed a first amendment violation that is unacceptable and actionable as the villainous election interference that big tech social media big brother himself brought to the fore. This undoubtedly has now become the case to a substantial segment of the population and political/pundit class alike. That being said, let's dig in!

While this Alabama based poll is technically not scientific, with the better part of 200,000 responses at the early the next morning post debate time of this post, consisting of large numbers for each candidate, is certainly nothing to sneeze at. 

For comparison, a scientific poll size of 1,004 is supposed to give a 3% margin of error, with the much rarer largest size polls only hearing from 4,000 respondents. Juxtapose this with the fact that this website represents 3 newspapers, one of which endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016. Furthermore, note that a truly partisan audience like that of conservative usually will very highly favor their political leaning, as seen in their 2nd/final presidential debate poll favoring Trump 96% over Biden.

Finally, then consider how is it that Vice President Mike Pence received 38% of the votes in a CNN poll regarding his debate performance! This was touted as "soundly" being "defeated." For the site of Trump's number 1 mainstream news adversary, (to say the very least) 38% is a victory! The Infowars margin represents a sound defeat and would normally be typical for a CNN poll. So, considering all of this, the poll may very well better represent reality than most online polls. It's obviously not a hyper-partisan rag representing only one political direction diehards. Even such polls as that, like the CNN one just noted have suggested that there is more Trump support afoot that the so-called scientific polls have been indicating, which in short are vastly, absurdly, and easily demonstrably flawed in their methodology, even including the traditionally considered to be more right leaning ones. This suggests deception and a bandwagon effect at play, further demonstrated by the oft omission of much, much more Trump favorable aggregate polling analysis and other statistical metrics like an algorithmic predictor with unparalleled (AKA 100% perfect) proven reliability. Nevermind, enthusiasm and in-party support, which both rally sizes for the respective candidates and also polling statistics show Trump to be historically significantly leading in for any candidate not just when compared to Biden. Trump long has remained somewhere in the high 90 percentile support with his large base. He also has consistently made history by outpolling all his former party members regarding support from all manner of minority voters and has only ever grown these numbers and in swing states recently taboot. 

So to reiterate, the number of respondents to the AL poll are very significant. All considered then, the final result of 55% favoring Trump with numbers marching towards a quarter million may also be of some real world significance regarding who won the debate in most American's eyes and perhaps then ultimately who will win the real votes. While Trump carried Alabama in 2016, Joe Biden convincingly won the Alabama Democratic primary for president despite being vastly outspent in the state, as reported by the in focus here,

Polls can be weaponized just as the mainstream media largely is as proven by the very existence of and entire substance of the Trump presidency. The question is, regardless of any of this speculation masquerading as public opinion facts. As opposed to imho, the attempted public opinion manipulation via occult wish it into existence via a magically belief system of many. Will the American people elect the wrong guy for the job as logically dictated by factual info? Will they tarnish the office in a way MSM only suggests of Trump doing, devoid of a basis in empiricism for their hatred, AKA the media lies derived new mental condition known as Trump Derangement Syndrome (or TDS)? Might they give real life to this phantom by electing a very elderly citizen who a majority in polling see as being in early stage dementia who only in visible ear wire aided debate settings knows where he is or even what office he seeks??? 

Could the electorate actually prefer a creepy guy who touches kids/women in controversial yet brazenly open ways??? Could sane and moral people be so duped as to actually support a man, who we now know due to his son Hunter leaving his laptop at a repair shop, has a pedophile for a son and knew it because he was told by Hunter himself about sex crimes involving a 14 year old via recovered text message? Such an documented admission to anyone, let alone a lifelong politician and two term VP, requires action. A crime with a 14 year old victim is not a gray area. It's worth noting here that Joe has credible sexual assault allegations against him as well...

Newly-resurfaced video from decades ago lends support to allegations against Joe Biden; insight from journalist Rich McHugh. - The Legacy Media Is Taking a Pounding Over its Coverup of Tara Reade Allegations Against Joe Biden - Joe Biden accuser Tara Reade speaks out Newly-resurfaced video from decades ago lends support to allegations against Joe Biden; insight from journalist Rich McHugh. - The Legacy Media Is Taking a Pounding Over its Coverup of Tara Reade Allegations Against Joe Biden - Joe Biden accuser Tara Reade speaks out

The Times deleted the above tweets as the cover-up ensued, despite the fact that these allegations actually have corroborating info in stark contrast to the debunked groper claims against Trump that the media nonetheless droned on about endlessly last election. It has also been reported that in college, Joe Biden was known to be a pedophile, according to a college roommate of Joe's at law school. This all begs the questions, like father like son? Has the apple fallen not far from the tree?

In last night's debate Biden followed the lead of many media and dems when he denied the authenticity of the laptop evidence as Russian disinfo. This despite the fact that such an excuse has been thoroughly debunkedMedia has gone into full-blown damage control trying to discredit Hunter Biden story as Russian propaganda without evidence DNI Ratcliffe asserted today: "Let me be clear. The intelligence community doesn't believe that because there is no intelligence that supports that" After this statement, the FBI chimed in and confirmed the seizure of Hunter Biden’s laptops and confirmed earlier DNI statements that Hunter Biden emails were not part of a Russian smear campaign. Perhaps the most damning statement came from an Biden insider named in one of the emails who confirmed their authenticity as well and that contrary to Joe's debate dismissals he saw the father and son discuss the shady business deals the scandal is focused on. Roger Stone, succinctly noted that Hunter Biden's Laptop Proves Biden Lied to the American People C'mon man! isn't an adequate retort to such reports,

This makes old Joe him complicit and an accessory after the fact. Furthermore, hard evidence also clearly shows Joe is lying in an attempt to win the campaign, but this isn't just embarrassing material, it's criminal, as evinced by the pedophilic images and texts being turned over to the police by lawyer and former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani. The laptop was also signed for by his son via the repair shop agreement and Hunter's lawyer is documented by email to have asked for the laptop back after the story broke. Nevermind the pictures of Joe's offspring using hard drugs (meth pipe in his mouth) not having another claimed source. This glaring issue easily explains why liberal groups were reportedly caught posting fake photos online of Hunter snorting coke, seemingly so they could then claim all the photos are forgeries

If it was just material that made Hunter look bad and involved above board business dealings then why would Biden need to deny it all in total. Occam's razor dictates it's because Joe is not just complicit in covering up Hunter's depraved crimes, but as many have concluded, sells himself out to foreign interests for bribes and is thus subject to blackmail. Possible discovered evidence of money laundering could also explain why master debater Joe denied ever receiving the money the emails report him to have received from several countries including communist China who allegedly were using Biden to steal military secrets from the USA. Finally, the emails offer further evidence that Democrats impeached Trump for what Biden actually did, withhold foreign aid to Ukraine...

As if Joe's already admitting it on video wasn't enough! In Joe's case it was to purportedly protect his son Hunter from a corrupt prosecutor. In Trump's case it wasn't true, but was said to be for Trump requesting Joe's actions be investigated. This new evidence further exonerates Trump of any wrongdoing, thus invalidating the impeachment as a treasonous coup attempt and an exercise in psychological projection aimed at muddying the waters surrounding Joe's now clearer than ever corrupt motives of protecting his corrupt son from a NON-CORRUPT prosecutor seeking justice.

The transparent cover-up by Biden and the Dems regarding all this just adds a further nail in the coffin of the entire Russian narrative, which really amounts to another seditious coup attempt. This fact alone should be a catalyst for a 2020 red wave that washes away the corruption that has become a metastasizing cancer on the so-called Party of the People.

100% Proof! Russian Collusion was a Hoax Designed to Impeach Trump and Divert Attention from Internal Email Leak & Clinton Criminal Activities

Can We The People really be herded like sheeple into a false media created mental construct where a man who defended segregation and had a KKK "Exalted Cyclops" as a quote "mentor guide and friend" while accusing others of racism is a champion for the same minority communities he incarcerated en masse and told that they "ain't black" if they don't vote for him? 

FACTCHECK using two left wing sources! Biden denying the super predator comment in relation to blacks and the crime bill is disingenuous and playing semantics.

Can the anti-war left or peace seekers of any stripe really support this man who was the number 2 in an administration that promised peace, but only escalated the Bush Admin/neocon wars of aggression? Contrast this with Trump's multiple brokered historic peace agreements and public exposing of and refusal to go along with the military complex's insatiable appetite for war! That last link has a minimum of a few couple hundred other such impressive achievements documented alongside the ones in the linked text! Will AmeriCANs really turn a blind eye to the absurdity of Biden's stint at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue having him presiding over almost exactly the same economic stats after 4 years in office as Trump did in this past August with the post-pandemic numbers, that pre-COVID, by every single possible metric, saw Trump at the helm during the best economy quite literally ever?!?! 

Will we residents of the home of the brave, based on deep state agent's promoted fear and their media comrade's manipulation to that end... vote for Biden???!!! Fear or love are the only choices we ever face some have said. Willful ignorance of the real majority of scientific opinion regarding facemasks and lockdowns actually not being effective is the only viable excuse. There were 3 people in the Biden camp that got COVID they say, were masks of no use? Listen to an expert tell you of course not if they weren't sporting a level 4 containment suit! 

Dr. Big Tech Knows Better: Twitter Removes COVID Task Force Member Scott Atlas' Tweet on Masks NOT WORKING

Only spoonfed and isolated from society ostriches could have missed all this! Do that many really not understand that the much publicized censorship of these individuals and related research on its face contradicts the scientific consensus narrative. Is it not clear in the land of the free, that stifling of these expert voices and research proves not that they or it are literally dangerous, but rather considered intellectually dangerous to their narrative to debate by the merchants of fear? You know, those ilk who say the 5G connection is bunk, but many experts are not so clear. Non-experts who censor are surely the real thing to fear

Ask yourself why info relating to 5g and its effect on coronavirus is being censored...

The authoritarians don't allow talk of the number one therapeutic treatment, because Trump dared mention it and TDS dictates that orange man bad and wrong always. Think I'm wrong. Don't be so sure of it. I'd wager my life the science shows it's they who are full of shit. HCQ works ya jerks! The blood is on your hands, c'mon man! Surely not, NEVER Biden, who clearly lies about it all even in the face of video which allows one to watch him debate himself on such issues as banning fracking? Biden invited folks like me to demonstrate he lied about flip flopping back and forth on fracking. Much obliged, sir!

Biden Lies to Pennsylvania About His Fracking Ban


Are we collectively more victims of disinformation/and or dumb, than we are hip and wise to this old stinking political games bullshit? I hope, wish, pray, and logically deduce that this simply cannot be.

But I digress. Trump won the debate. Please my fellow Americans, let's KEEP AMERICA GREAT!!!!!!!

Trump Sealed The Deal in Tonight's debate

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Debunking and Joe Biden On Facemask Efficiency Against COVID-19

 Debunking and Joe Biden On Facemask Efficiency Against COVID-19